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Color Me Mine supports your education!
We want to reward reading. Let us donate book markers. On the back it sets goals for the kids to read. Once they reach their goals, theybring us the signed bookmark and we give them a FREE $15 item to paint. It is a great way to motivate them to reach their reading goal!

Let Us Donate Awards to the Students!
We do fundraisers, parties and more... including AWARDS! Let us donate Student of the Month, Attendance, and 100% Awards. The students deserve a treat for their acheivements.

Studio Address & Phone:
Color Me Mine
13865 City Center Drive
Suite 3065
Chino Hills, California 91709

909-628-7744 Phone
Studio Hours:
Sunday 11am-9pm
Monday 11am-9pm
Tuesday 11am-9pm
Wednesday 11am-9pm
Thursday 11am-9pm
Friday 11am-9pm
Saturday 11am-9pm
We fill up quickly on the weekends, while reservations are not required, we highly recommend them for weekends and holidays.
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